Tussenruimte: Dust Jacket, 2014
Colored pencil and charcoal on 180x150 cm paper. More information about Tussenruimte and installation views can be found here.
Tussenruimte: Body Language (positives), 2014
Body Language (positives) (acrylic on wall) depicts a reversal film. The work is based on 35 photographs of a light streak sign. In each photograph I tried to repeat the sign as precise as I could.
Tussenruimte: Lacune, 2011
Screen print on 70x100 cm paper, edition of 10.
Lighthouse, 2012
Lighthouse (HDCAM, LtRt Dolby digital sound, 18'31”) is a short one-shot film in which the natural light is changed three times without use of cuts or time-lapses. The camera follows the protagonist, a son who resides with his father, in a large labyrinthine house. During his restless daily rituals he is guided by the change of the light outside. The house in which the protagonists find themselves seems to revolve according to its own rhythm. You can watch the trailer here. Credits.
Tussenruimte: ...Thought, There Was No Ground, 2014
Coloured pencil and dirt on paper glued to a wall.
Tussenruimte: A Book With One Page, 2014
Coloured pencil on 70x50 cm paper.
Tussenruimte: Chords & Intervals, Floppy Key To The Fields, 2013
Image transfer on wall.
Hole, 2013
Hole, a hand-drawn black and white animation (HD, Dolby surround sound, 4'46"), shows several subterranean landscapes. Places that can only be illuminated by human intervention. The film is made by drawing on half transparent sheets. The drawings were based on (found) photographs of caves all around the world. These sheets were placed above an LCD screen - showing films of natural light: aurora, lightning, sunrise. By photographing the set-up frame for frame, these two layers came together.
Tussenruimte: Light Streaks (Unprinted)
[detail], 2014
Engraving in MDF wall.
Tussenruimte: Between Two Pages, 2014
Acrylic, acrylic marker and coloured pencil on wall.
Tussenruimte: Chinese Whispers I, 2014
Screen printing ink on wall.
Tussenruimte: Multi-headed Animals (I, II, III & IV), 2014
Acrylic and pencil on wall.
Study For One To One, 2015
Coloured pencil on wall.
Tussenruimte: A Map With One Hole (Back), 2014
Acrylic on wall.
Plateaus, 2011
Plateaus is a flipbook (photo copy, 14x9 cm, 176 pag., edition of 10) about a person who dives into the water. Underwater he stumbles onto a big rock which appears to be the head of a statue. Plateaus is made with a Super-8 underwater camera. The 166 frames of the film are printed and manipulated with water. These wet prints were then stacked into a pile, absorbing the ink of the surrounding prints. In this way they have further affected each other in a organic way.
Tussenruimte: Ox For A, 2014
Acrylic on wall.
Tussenruimte: Comma, 2014
Comma (acrylic and image transfer on wall), is a still from an unfinished 16mm film. In the film several characters are unmasking a mask (made by Miloš Šedivý) under which they wear a second mask. After I filmed these actions I manually erased all the backgrounds with black ink directly on the film strip. This refers to a technique used in the early days of film, called an in-camera matte shot. A glass plate with a black matte painting was put in front of the lens so the actor is separated from the background. By using this technique you could double expose the film with any environment you want. Credits.
Tussenruimte: A Book With Two Rooms, 2014
Image transfer on wall.
Tussenruimte: Body Language (negative), 2014
Body Language (negative) (acrylic marker on wall) is the original sign I replicated in Body Language (positives).
Tussenruimte: Concentrated Ocular, 2007-2014
Image transfer on wall.
Nomade, 2012
Nomade (artist book, stencilprint, 19x14.4 cm, 52 pag., edition of 25) is a collection of short stories and pencil drawings made over a period of two years. Various drawings from Nomade were silkscreened. These seven prints form their own story called Lacune.
Tussenruimte: Prism (Pseudonyms), 2014
Image transfer on wall.
Tussenruimte: One Book Reduced To One Page, 2014
One Book Reduced To One Page (shredded first edition of De Aleph by Jorge Luis Borges translated by A. Sillevis published by De Bezige Bij in 1964, water) is made by putting a book in a blender. I pressed the book pulp directly on a wall.
Tussenruimte: Mukhayyar, Mohair, Mouaire, Moyre,
Moire, 2013
Screen print on 100x70 cm paper, edition of 4.
Tussenruimte: A For Ox, 2015
Graphite on 21x14,8 cm paper.
Tussenruimte: Two Words, 2014
Coloured pencil on wall.
Tussenruimte: Object Of Bound Magazines, 2014
Image transfer on wall.
Tussenruimte: Continuity Girl, 2014
Image transfer on wall.
Tussenruimte: Chinese Whispers II, 2014
Coloured pencil on 70x50 cm paper.
Tussenruimte: Year (Travel Journals), 2013
The drawing Year (Travel Journals)(black pencil on paper, 140x100 cm) depicts an abstract space with five sides. For each side I used a still from five filmed train trips. These stills were put in perspective.
Untitled, 2014
Screen print in collaboration with Koen Taselaar on 100x70 cm high gloss paper in an edition of 2. Part of a series of 8 screen prints.
Cicade, 2011
Cicade (HD, stereo sound, 1') is a black and white animation based on the life cycle of the cicada. Cicadas spend their long lives as larvae, silent and immobile, underground. Then thousands of larvae emerge collectively, drawn by a internal clock, from holes in the earth. Within hours, they become hyperactive flying adults, whose courtship calls make them the loudest known insects. Two months later, the adults of that brood will all die, leaving behind eggs that will hatch to become a new underground generation. One that will emerge again in 13 or 17 years.
Tussenruimte: Thaumatrope
[detail], 2014
Glass paint on window.
Tussenruimte: Braille [detail], 2014
The story Tussenruimte in braille. A lot of the images that Tussenruimte contains are based on this story. Embossed in 100x70 cm paper glued to a wall.
Tussenruimte: Morse Code, 2014
Morse Code (acrylic and screen printing ink on wall) depicts a detail of a screen. A medium and a barrier.
Tussenruimte: Folded Face, 2014
Folded Face (hand-drawn black and white animation, HD, stereo sound, 2'57") is a short animation that shows two opposite movements at once: a close-up of a face gradually zooming out and a journey from sky to ground. Credits.
Tussenruimte: Mapmaking, 2014
Acrylic and coloured pencil on wall.
Monument, 2009
Monument (DV-PAL Anamorphic, stereo sound, 3'11") is a study for the film Echoes.